A forward-looking view on logistics and transport since 2005

Sofas was created in 2005 from the intentions of STI and Chiti Trasporti to create a logistic base in Forlì, functional to the transport of upholstered seats.

This synergy, has grown over the years and was completed in 2019 with the creation of a single group named Sofas & Sofas that was more consistent in business volumes, in terms of assets, as a corporate fleet and service potential.

Sofas & Sofas has become one of the leading groups in Italy, capable of handling over 120 trucks and 20,000 seaters per week.

The two offices in Forlì and Quarrata cover an area of 22,000 square metres of warehouse.

The former mainly caters for France and Belgium, while the latter manages England and Scotland.

One characteristic element of Sofas & Sofas logistics is the abandonment of the classic palletised cargo loading, in favour of a particular system of joints able to guarantee the maximum protection of the freight.

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